2013-10-29 05:13:57

Thank you all being part of the EYOC 2013. For living again all emotions and moments, you can find all information on links available in "EYOC 2013 Competition Data" menu.

Good luck for EYOC 2014 organization ( Portugal handed the flag to Macedonia.

EYOC 2013: Relay's medals well distributed

2013-10-28 09:34:57

After the Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark's dominance on the first two days of the European Youth Orienteering Championships EYOC 2013, the last day allowed to add the names of Russia and the Czech Republic to the set of the big winners. Individually, Sara Hagstrom won everything there was to win and she is, undeniably, the “queen” of these Championships. Succeeding the Czech Republic, Finland was the winner overall.

The 15th edition of the European Youth Orienteering Championships EYOC 2013 came to the end this morning, in Vale Benfeito, Óbidos. An edition marked by the excellence of maps and terrains, an organization attentive and fully available to the 362 athletes from 32 countries presents, overcoming moments of enormous significance and value to the participants and, last but not least , warm weather and bright sunshine, to put even more colour and life on everyone's faces.

Eagerly awaited, the Relay ended the Championships with an atmosphere of party and joy. Involving a total of 92 teams spread over four levels of competition, the courses were marked by the uncertainty about the winner until the final second, involving some surprising twists and a couple of unexpected results. In terms of twists, the most fantastic was led by Sweden in W18 Class, while the biggest surprise was eventually carried by Hungary, silver medallist in the W16 Class. As for the Portuguese, again, the last day of doesn't add something substantive in terms of results, and the M16 team achieved the best result, finishing in 12th position.



EYOC 2013: Another day, (almost) the same winners!

2013-10-26 21:37:54

Almost a “remake” of yesterday’s journey. On the second day of the European Youth Orienteering Championships EYOC 2013, Sara Hagstrom, Tobia Pezatti and Olli Ojanaho repeated the gold. Josefine Lind gave the note of sensation, offering to Denmark the most desired medal.
Sun and warm weather in a perfect morning, the beauty of a fresh and fragrant forest and challenging courses, both technically and physically. These were the ingredients that put a smile on the faces of more than three hundred and fifty participants at EYOC 2013's Long Distance course, held this morning in Ferrel, municipality of Peniche. With mapping by Luís Sérgio and courses setted by José Fernandes, the competition turned out to be almost a 'remake' of what happened on the start of the Championships, yesterday afternoon, in Óbidos.

The Swiss Tobia Pezzati and the Swedish Sara Hagstrom repeated their victories in M18 and W18 Classes, respectively. Two days, two victories and this feeling that seems to be easy to win, is something that Sara is keen to reject outright: “Actually, it was anything but easy”, began by explain the Swedish athlete, reminding one of the less good moments of her course: “It finally join several athletes that formed a 'train' and I felt very uncomfortable in front of this column, quite nervous, and I ended up making several small mistakes”. Praising the terrains and the green áreas, “technically very demanding”, Sara also highlights the “intense and motivating” struggle waged with her teammate, Johanna Oberg, who stayed just two seconds ahead. A fact that further grows the favoritism of the Swedish team in the Relay that will end the Championships, tomorrow morning, in Vale Benfeito: “I think so, I think that we have a good chance to close the season with a golden key”, she says.


Long Distance Results:

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EYOC 2013: Switzerland starts stronger

2013-10-25 23:34:59

By winning two gold medals, Switzerland was the main figure of the first day of the European Youth Orienteering Championships EYOC 2013 which starts today in Obidos, Portugal. Beatriz Moreira, placed 9th in W16 Class, was the portuguese's best athlete.

Óbidos was the venue chosen for the “kick off” the European Youth Orienteering Championships EYOC 2013. In a town that has in the chocolate one of its ex-libris, the courses were anything but “sweet” for the 361 athletes participating in the four competition classes. Made of streets and alleys, stairs and corners with much unevenness in the between, the map was a huge headache for the participants, requiring maximum concentration and a continuos focus on the map.


Sprint Official Results:

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2013-10-24 11:43:56

For the second time in this year, the Portuguese Orienteering wears its best suit to receive an international event entirely directed to the youngsters. After the unforgetable World School Sports Orienteering Championships ISF, held in eastern Algarve on last April, is now the turn of the municipalities of Peniche, Caldas da Rainha and Óbidos to receive the European Youth Orienteering Championships EYOC 2013. Let the party begin!
Portugal was the country chosen to replace Israel in the organization of the EYOC's 15th edition. Due to political instability in that country of the Middle East and for safety reasons, the European Working Group was forced to return to the “ground zero”, early on this year, a process that was “almost done”. The first contact to see the possibility of Portugal organize EYOC 2013 was on beginning of 2013. On two or three weeks, an application was prepared, conclusive enough, leading the EWG to select Portugal as the EYOC 2013's organizer. “This was on the end of February, only eight months from the beginning of the event”, recalls Antonio Amador, EYOC 2013's Event Director, adding that "on this short time we do all the necessary to have a great event, not only technically with good terrains and courses but also with all necessary logistics for the participants have an unforgettable stay in Portugal”.

SEA Visit and Updated Entries

2013-07-04 00:16:03

Check out here the updated teams list that have already pre registered for EYOC 2013 in Portugal.

SEA David Ales (CZE) will be in Portugal from 12th to 15th of July to check out all the work that has been developed so far since the event organisation has changed to Portugal.

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